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Amen Howard Obasohan was born over fifty years ago and schooled to be an HND in Mechanical Engineering. After his education he took menial jobs until God answered his prayers, and he got a job with United Nations Volunteers (UNV). After a year God opened another door and he was selected by the Department of Peace Keep Operations (DPKO) to serve as Security and Safety Officer. As such he was sent to Haiti, Russia as a regional workshop manager, CAR, Sierra Leone, Europe, Kuwait and Iraq before resigning to start a Church in Geneva.

He now is the Senior Pastor and founder of Hour of Grace Winners Ministries Worldwide. A distinct man of God with so many years experience in the ministry, someone with a clear sense of purpose and willing to stand in the face of adversity.




Innovative, Anointed, Speaker, Entrepreneur and ANAKAZO are some of the words used to described Bishop Dr. A. Howard. His anointing is evident and the trademark of dynamism is associated with him, he injects “life” and restoration wherever he goes. Dr. Amen Howard challenges the Body of Christ to shake off mediocrity and complacency and live as God intended, fruitful and effective-no matter your profession.

He was the; First Executive Secretary General of World Gospel Crusade International Fellowship - Atlanta Georgia. First executive President of (AIM) Association of International Ministers - Switzerland, Member of John Knox Christian Movement - Geneva Switzerland, African Churches - Switzerland (CEAS) and of the Evangelical Christian Alliance - Switzerland. Dr. Amen Howard also is a former Pastor with Lighthouse Chapel International of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.





Dr. Amen Howard is the founder of Pastors without Border International Fellowship. (PWBF). A body that unites ministers together networking globally. And He is also the founder and CEO of Feed One to Feed a Family a Non Governmental Organization, helping to get rid of hunger worldwide. They encourage an interfaith dialogue, helping victims of terrorism, abuse, tolerance, Widows and motherless babies. Organizing seminars, Workshops, and carrying the message of peace worldwide.

Furthermore is he a member of many notable sociable bodies and Christian organizations, such as Full Gospel Int'l Fellowship with Bishop Paul S. Morton in Atlanta. Old land Mark Church of Holiness in Chicago, and many others.




Amen is uncompromising and means serious business for God. His sense of humor can be attest to by many who have spent time around him. As a result, he is always in great demand for preaching and teaching engagements, as well as imparting ministerial advice and spiritual wisdom, he preaches the unadulterated Word of God and consequently, many can testify that their lives have changed for good.

He is the author of 19 books and some power teaching manuals. He has an internet daily devotions ministry which serves thousands readers worldwide. He is happily married to Lady Comfort, a wife mother and friend who is also the First Lady and minister who impacts women to rise up and exercise the rights of woman hood.