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Our India Gypsy Mission

There are over 40,000000 gypsies in India. The WJM International, is working with the NARI-KOR-AVARS gypsy tribe, the most disadvantaged of all the gypsy tribes.

There are 40,000000 gypsies in India. All in the Hindu low cast system are treated as outcasts; they suffer not just from extreme poverty, but discrimination and bitterness, from government and Hindu alike. There are some churches, charities and other organisations working with most gypsy tribes, but the Narikoravars, (pronounced NARI-KOR-AVARS) is a tribe of gypsies with almost no help, except from WJM Church.

 Started by Pastor Timothy, native India pastor, 30 years ago, MISSION has been working with these people. They have no land, no clean water, sanitation, little food, and clothing. 91% of their children do not attend school. This is because they cannot afford the school fees or uniform, and also because they are abused, beaten and chased from the school, just because they are gypsies from the NARI-KOR-AVARS tribe. The death rate is 21-100 ratio among children aged 0-7 years old. If they are sick and manage to get to medical centres or hospitals, they are often refused treatment. Excuses like "we don't have medicines", or "a doctor is not available" are common. Sometimes they are chased off of the hospital grounds. Their only source of income is the handmade beads and bracelets they make, and hunting.

WJM International MISSION has won many to Christ through love, food donations, and evangelism. Now they are struggling to do the work, as they are financially poor. After seeing their work, and personally spending time with the NARI-KOR-AVAR gypsies, I can truly testify to their terrible pain and struggling. They only get about 20 rupees per handmade bead necklace. That's less than 40 cents. They are bought by dealers and then sold in main cities and tourist areas, and a huge profit made at the gypsies' expense. If the gypsies don't sell these bracelets, they go hungry. I have seen children like skeletons because they had no food. In every camp I went to, I saw the mothers give their children boiled rice and very little else, as they said all of them sold very little the day before.

Their homes are made of sticks and plastic sheets. Amen Howard Foundation have decided, after prayer and guidance from the Lord, to help these forgotten and outcast people. They may be called outcasts and treated as such by almost all others in India, but they are not outcasts in God's sight. They are precious and He loves them very much. Feed One to Feed a Family Initiative have have made some impact in the lives of these Children through our co-ordinator Pastor Alwin Roland on the right attending to the Children under our foundation.

Pastor Roland is seen here in the picture left recieving a certificate of recongnition by FOFF HQ Geneva.        Dr. Amen Howard President and Rev. Dr. Mrs. Comfort Howard the CEO Women affairs of FOFF present the certificate to Pastor R. Alwin.